Pair Go is a fun and interesting way to play Go.

It is played by teams of two partners – a male and a female player – the “Mixed Doubles” of Go.

There is a special etiquette of Pair Go. This involves avoiding unmannerly behaviour and attitude. The environment for the event should be pleasant and higher than the usual standard, as should the standard of dress (jacket and tie recommended for the men). In order to encourage good dress, a Best Dressed prize is traditionally awarded at many Pair Go events.

Pair Go was started in Japan in the 1980s to promote Go as a more social activity with the aim of attracting more female players to competitions. The etiquette is part of the means of making events more attractive.With the aim of promoting Go among women world-wide the International Amateur Pair Go Championships (IAPGC) were started in Japan in 1990.

Pair Go is a good way of encouraging and teaching weaker players, as they get to play in games were most of the moves are played by higher level players and get to learn from their partner leading them in the correct moves through where they play their own.

One of the biggest Pair Go championships outside Japan is played at the annual US Go Congress. Many other countries run Pair Go events and championships. The first European Pair Go Championship (EPGC) was held in Amsterdam in 1995. Since 1997 it has been a regular event, hosted by a different country each year.More information about Pair Go can be found at the site of the World Pair Go Association.

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