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The organization of the IGF is as follows:

  • General Meeting of members
  • Board of Directors
  • IGF Office

The General Meeting is the supreme decision-making organ of the IGF. The minutes of the last two General meetings are available electronically on request.

The Board of Directors of the IGF consists of up to twelve Directors, eleven of whom are elected by the General Meeting with the twelfth being appointed by the President. Nine elected Directors shall come from different geographical zones as listed below.

  • China, Japan, Korea: 1 each
  • Elsewhere in Asia: 1
  • Europe zone: 2
  • North, Central and South America zone: 2
  • Oceania zone: 1

Up to two at-large Directors are sought from the general international Go community for the benefit of the IGF.
The term of office for directors is two years. However, re-election is permitted. The Board of Directors decides on all matters concerning the operations of the IGF. The Board of Directors is responsible to the General Meeting. The Board may delegate its powers to the IGF-Office, but it bears the responsibility.


IGF Executive as of 5 July 2014

President Seokhyun HONG Chairman, the Korea Baduk Association
Chairman&CEO, JoongAng Media Network
Honorary Adviser Zhenming CHANG Vice Chairman and President,  CITIC Group
Vice-Presidents Thomas HSIANG Vice President, American Go Association
  Siming LIU
President, the China Qi-Yuan
  Eduardo LOPEZ
Counselor of the Ibero-American Go Federation
  Norio WADA Chairman, the Nihon Ki-in
Directors Korsak CHAIRAMISAK Chairman, Thai Go Association
  Martin FINKE
Secretary, Dutch Federation Mind Sports
  Minghaw YING President, Ing Changk Wei-Chi Education Foundation
  Neville SMYTHE
Vice-President, Australian Go Association
President, European Go Federation
  Hiroko TAKI Vice-President, World Pair Go Association
  Ichiro TANIOKA President, Osaka University of Commerce
Office Director Jae-Ho YANG Secretary General, Korean Baduk Association
Secretary General Hajin LEE
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