Country Iceland General Member Íslenska Gofélagið – Icelandic Go Association Postal Address Tel. E-mail Website Founded 2006 Affiliated 2016 Board members President: Hallbjörn Guðmundsson, Secretary: Ólafur Sigurðsson Treasurer: Garpur Dagsson … Continue reading →

structure draft

The organization of the IGF is as follows: General Meeting of members Board of Directors IGF Office The General Meeting is the supreme decision-making organ of the IGF. The minutes of the last two General meetings are available electronically on … Continue reading →

IGF Endorsement

IGF Endorsement Application Guideline The IGF requests the following information for event endorsement application: Written confirmation that the event is organized or cooperated by one of the IGF members Full name of the event Dates and location of the event … Continue reading →

IGF Membership

There are two categories of IGF membership: a) General Member: A body related to Go representing a country or a territory. One General Member per country/territory is accepted. b) Association Member: A body that carries out Go competition or related … Continue reading →