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The 37th World Amateur Go Championship will take place in June 2016 in Wuxi, a city of six million located slightly northwest of Shanghai. Ranka will be on hand to cover the entire event.

During its 3000-year history, Wuxi has produced many famous statesmen, writers, and artists. A recent addition to its honor roll is Yu Zhiying, who now tops the world in women’s professionial go. Last year Wuxi ventured into the international amateur go arena when a local trading company sponsored a match between a team of Chinese players and a mixed Japanese-Korean team. This year Wuxi has moved straight to the center of the arena by holding the WAGC.

The 37th world amateur champion will be decided in eight rounds played June 5-8, preceded by meetings on the 4th and followed by friendship games and sightseeing on the 9th. In the competition for the award-winning places, WAGC newcomers from Canada, Czechia, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Korea, the Ukraine, and the USA will challenge a strong lineup of WAGC veterans from Europe and the Far East. Also worth watching will be a trio of thirteen-year-olds from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, all ranked 4 or 5 dan. The full list of players can be viewed here. For everyone it will be a great chance to meet old friends, make new friends, and take on opponents from the four corners of the earth.

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