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/Gyorgy Csizmadia (right) and Yifei Yue (photo Toshiko Ito)The game with the widest generation gap in the last round of the Korea Prime Minister Cup was played between Hungarian mathematician and financier Dr Gyorgy Csizmadia and Singapore schoolboy Yifei Yue. Both had been seeded into the upper McMahon group and were looking for their third win. When the game ended, Ranka asked them for their thoughts about it and about the tournament as a whole.

Gyorgy Csizmadia: In this game I started out by trying to build some big walls and make a big moyo. But then he came inside the moyo and actually managed to cut off one of my groups, and from that point on I think he was clearly ahead. As for the tournament in general, it was very nice: nice accommodation, nice playing site, good food, and very good organization. Some people complained about the pairing system–this usually happens at tournaments–but for me it was all right. I enjoyed the tournament very much.

Yifei Yue: I didn’t play well in this game. I made some mistakes in the center. I made a lot of mistakes there. My opponent also made mistakes, so I won, but I didn’t play well. I had exams right before the tournament, so I wasn’t in good playing condition. But it was a great experience, my first time in Korea. Korea is really a nice place, with nice food. Now I’m hoping for a good result in the final standings.

Postscript: By winning this game, Yifei Yue captured 25th place.


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