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Jonathan Lidor (photo: Toshilo Ito)Ranka: How does it feel to be here at the Korea Prime Minister Cup?
Jonathan: Quite good, actually. It’s more of an experience than a sporting competition or an athletic event. I’ve met some good people and some familiar faces that I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s a world that I was really connected to a few years ago–I used to live in Korea–so it’s nice to see how things have changed and to see that everyone is doing fine and the game is still going on.

Ranka: Please tell us more about your go-playing career.
Jonathan: I started playing when I was fourteen. I liked the game and became quite good. When I was seventeen I went to Japan with the intention to study go, and became an insei under Kobayashi Chizu sensei. After half a year as an insei I was not quite satisfied with my improvement, so I moved to Korea in order to continue studying there. I studied go in Korea for one and a half years, but then, unfortunately, I had an accident when I went to the European Go Congress in Bordeaux, France. My passport was stolen in the airport, along with basically all my belongings–my computer, my phones, my money, everything. I could not keep flying and return to Korea. The only next destination I could choose was to go back home. Once I went home I was still not allowed to return to Korea because of army rules. I was supposed to go into the army at a certain age but they didn’t allow me to, so I had to stay put for a while. That was basically why I stopped studying go.

Ranka: Please tell us about your career as a diving instructor.
Jonathan: Diving has always been a hobby of mine. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, it’s an indescribable feeling. I had to choose something for a temporary profession, something other than waitering, so I sacrificed my hobby and turned it into a profession. That is not something I’m sorry about; I still enjoy diving a lot. About five months ago I started working in a unique diving reef, called Dolphin Reef, in Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel. The area is famous for its good diving conditions. It’s an open sea area. The reef is closed with a net so that the dolphins stay inside, but the water is open sea water. Now I get to dive with dolphins every day and introduce people to the wonders of diving and the underwater world, and I get to play with some intelligent creatures too, so it’s a pretty good job.

Ranka: Is there anything you’d like to add?
Jonathan: Yes. I owe a very deep debt of gratitude to Kim Seung-jin. He is the owner and master of Blackie’s International Baduk Academy. As far as I’m concerned, and from my previous experience, his school and his system of studying are the most efficient way to improve–while having a lot of fun. So if anyone is thinking of improving his go skills in Asia, he should talk to me, because I would like to put in a good word for BIBA.

Ranka: Thank you.


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