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18 March 2012

The 2012 British Youth Championships had 13 competitors aged from 6 to 18, with strengths from 2 dan to 30 kyu. The library block at Bloxham School, Oxfordshire, served again as a great venue. Tian-Ren Chen from Loughborough regained the youth title, the previous year’s winner not contesting it this year. Silas Yufu Shi, 2 dan, from Loughborough was the strongest player taking part, but he has Chinese nationality; he won all his games. Prizes and places went to:

Overall winner: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough), 2nd Adan Mordcovich U18: Tian-Ren Chen (Loughborough), 2nd Adan Mordcovich U16: Aidan Putman (Swindon) U14: Thomas Meehan (Solihull), 2nd: Richard Showler (Bloxham) U12: Dylan Zhu-Dong U10: Anthony Ghica (Newmarket) U8: Edmund Smith (Milton) Open/Handicap Winner: Silas Yufu Shi (Loughborough) Castledine Trophy: Loughborough (beat Bloxham 3-0)


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