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The last three non-Chinese survivors in the Mlily cup were eliminated in the third round on August 9 in Shanghai. The eight Chinese players who won included three teenage 4-dans: Mi Yuting, who added Kong Jie to his list of noted 9-dan victims; Dang Yifei, who beat 3-dan Tang Weixing; and Lian Xiao, who overcame World Mind Games champion Choi Chulhan. The other five winners were Wu Guangya (6 dan), Wang Lei (8 dan), Zhou Ruiyang (9 dan), Wang Xi (9 dan), and Gu Li (9 dan).
In the fourth round, played on August 11, the three 9-dans cracked down: Gu Li beat Wang Lei by resignation; Wang Xi edged out Wu Guangya by 1-3/4 stones (3-1/2 points); and Zhou Ruiyang beat Lian Xiao by resignation. In the fourth game Mi Yuting beat Dang Yifei by resignation. Next Mi will take on Wang Xi in the two-out-of-three semifinal round, schedule to be determined.

Game records are available at the go4go website.


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