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Mr. Wang Yi, IGF Secretary General, hosting the opening ceremony

Launched in 2011, this tournament takes place annually in China or Korea by turns, gathering players from the two countries together under the banner of friendship. So far it has attracted thousands of Go people, including fans, top amateurs and even some public figures.

This year each country sent 30 players to compete in two rounds, producing 60 exciting games. In the first round, the Chinese players treated their guests a little harshly by scoring 22 wins.

Former world amateur champion Chang Hao 9p

In the second round, although the Korean players did better, they were still defeated. Overall, China won the tournament 39:21.

Later the same day, there were simultaneous games between the players who had participated in the main tournament and some well-known professionals (including Chang Hao 9p and Hua Yigang 8p). This event has always been an important part of the tournament.
Everyone had a great time here, enjoying their games and making friends. The next holding of this tournament is expected to take place about a year later in Korea.
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