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The Cuban National Go Championship ended on February 19 in the province of Santi Spiritu, some 380 km away from Havana. According to the tournament’s chief referee Rafael Torres Miranda It was a big success, with three activities carried out simultaneously: A Go course for sports teachers across the province, the 6th Cuba-Japan Exchange Event, attended by four members of the International Go Exchange Society from Japan, and the National Championship. The championship was played in two categories, dan and kyu, and the winners were:

(Dan category)

1.- Carlos Alberto Pérez Palacio, 5 dan (Havanna)

2.- Santiago Alvarez Martín, 5 dan (Santi Spiritu)

3.- Yordan Cruz Sanchez, 1 dan (Havanna)

(Kyu category)

1.- Joel Pasaron Rojas, 4 kyu (Santi Spiritu)

2.- Levys González Formoso, 11 kyu (Havanna)

3.- Luis Alberto Rodríguez Bornel, 10 kyu (Pinar del Rio)






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