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The Dutch Youth Championship 2012 under 12, played on Januari 29 in the European Go Center, was with 30 players bigger as ever before.

The youngest player (Ferdinand Moltmaker, photo right) was 4 years old (his sister of 2 also knows how to play and both are very talented).

The battle for the first place would go, as it did the last years, between Marcel Riedeman, Yuki de Groot (Champion 2010) and Colin Christiaans (Champion 2011).

In round 5 Yuki(photo left) met Colin, who had beaten Marcel in round 4, which gave us the perfect final.
Yuki won, so he became the undisputed Champion 2012.

Besides a gold medal all the players got several other prizes and, as you can see in the 3 photo maps of this event, everybody (organizers, players and parents) had a great time!




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