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During the past couple of months, some of the contestants in the upcoming World Amateur Go Championship in Guangzhou have been taking advantage of the extensive slate of European tournaments to get into shape. Here is a partial rundown of their exploits.

– March 3-4 Finnish WAGC contestant Juri Kuronen (Finland, 5d) won the Rabbity Six tournament in Tampere, Finland. The full Rabbity Six results are here.

– March 17-18: Guitarist, composer, and Cypriot WAGC contestant Dimitris Regginos (1d) won the Friendship Go Tournament in Nicosia, Cyprus. Results here.

– March 24-25 Spanish WAGC contestant Pau Carles (3d) won the Torneo de Go Ubicuo Ki-in in Seville, beating both dan-ranked opponents in the field of 16. Full results.

– At the same time, Italian WAGC contestant Carlo Metta (3d) was winning the Mountain Wind (Yama no Kaze) tournament in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Full results.

– April 6-8 WAGC contestants Martin Li (Sweden, 5d) and Pal Sannes (Norway, 4d) played in the Nordic Championship in Vaesteraas, Sweden. Martin won the tournament; Pal took sixth place. Full results.

– April 21-22 Dutch Champion and WAGC contestant Alexander Eerbeek (5d) had a rough time in the Martinicup in Groningen, losing to older brother Marc (2d) in the first round, WAGC veteran Robert Rehm in the 3rd round, and Rene Aij (5d) in the 5th round to finish 10th. In April, however, Alexander did better in the U20 section of the European Youth Go Championship in St. Petersburg, beating the champion to take third place. The Martinicup results are here.

– Concurrently with Alexander’s struggles, two 17-year-old WAGC contestants, Pavol Lisy (Slovakia, 5d) and European U20 champion Lukas Podpera (Czechia, 5d), clashed in the Vladi Valka Memorial tournament in Ostrava, Czechia. Pavol won the decisive game between the two to take first place; Lukas finished second. The Vladi Valka results are here.

– In Helsinki, Finland, Juri Kuronen topped the Finnish Team Championship Open Qualification tournament, notching a perfect 5-0 score. The full results are here.

– May 4-6 Danish WAGC contestant Jannik Rasmussen (4d) took second place in the Danish Championship in Copenhagen, losing only to winner Per Marquardsen (2d). Full results.

– Further to the east, Hungarian WAGC contestant Pal Balogh (5d) won the Korean Ambassador Cup in Praha, Czechia, beating Lukas Podpera, who finished in second place. Austrian WAGC contestant Lother Spiegel (4d) took ninth place. Full results.

And then there is the tremendous amount of online activity. To mention just one event, WAGC players Xianyu Li (Canada, 7d) and Remi Campagnie (France, 5d) are competing in the current round of Canadian League Internet Go, which is just getting under way. You can follow their progress here.

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