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There are two categories of IGF membership:

a) General Member: A body related to Go representing a country or a territory. One General Member per country/territory is accepted.

b) Association Member: A body that carries out Go competition or related events and activities covering a number of countries or territories.

  • Benefits (General Members)
    The benefits of the IGF membership are not limited to, but include the following:

a) Members are officially recognized as the national/territorial governing body of Go.
b) Each member has one vote at the IGF General Meetings.
c) Each member receives one invitation for the World Amateur Go Championship.
d) Members may be invited to represent in international Go events.
e) Members may apply to organize IGF endorsed Go events.
f) Members may use/share any of IGF resources for non-commercial purposes.

  • Responsibilities
    Each IGF Member is to carry Go activities on its discretion, but in general it is expected to:

a) Promote Go by organizing national/local Go events.
b) Support existing players’ technical development by making Go equipment and study materials accessible.
c) Foster amicable relationships among Go players.
d) Observe IGF policies, code of ethics, and other decisions.
e) Cooperate with IGF in international/regional projects, surveys, initiatives, etc.

    • IGF Membership Fee

There are four levels of General Members of the IGF, and each level is charged with a different annual fee. The fee for each group is as stated in the table below. The level of each member is decided by the IGF board based on the size of the organization, living standard of the country, number of Go players in the country, etc.






Annual Fee (JPY)





The IGF Board requires reports and supporting documents about but not limited to the following:

–  Full name of your organization and official abbreviation
–  Foundation date and a brief history
–  Organizational missions and vision
–  Main activities and summary of all activities in the last year
–  Statutes or constitution of your organization
–  Organizational chart
–  Full names of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Board of Directors, and other high officials
–  Number of clubs
–  Number of members
–  Estimated number of Go players in your country
–  Future plans
–  Summary of financial situation (main incomes and expenses)
–  Pictures of club meetings, tournaments, board meetings, etc.

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